Vinyl Flooring

There isn't a vinyl style, colour or quality that hasn’t passed through our showroom doors since we opened in 1945!

Vinyl Flooring is a popular choice because it brings the look and feel of tiles or laminate but for a fraction of the price. Our showroom has a HUGE selection of vinyls to choose from. Also, we keep 100s of rolls in stock which lets us sell them at the very lowest price!

Vinyl Flooring

Cost Effective, Stylish and 100’s of Design to choose from!

Vinyl flooring is a sheet of material that is manufactured to be completely waterproof and hard-wearing. It is ideal for areas such as the Bathroom, Hallway, Kitchen or Porch due it being easy to clean and maintain, simply grab yourself a mop and watch all the spills, dirty or stains wipe away!

Commercial Vinyl

If you are looking at vinyl for a commercial premises it needs to be a little tougher...

Commercial quality vinyl is designed to stand up to all the wear and tear associated with a commercial premises. Your commercial area will receive a lot more footfall so it is important the vinyl meets a certain specification and quality. In simple terms, commercial vinyl are very similar to stand vinyl flooring but they are much (much!) tougher.


Installing your vinyl on an uneven or damp subfloor isn’t a good idea

Due to the material that is used to manufacture vinyl flooring, it is very important that the subfloor is extremely flat with no signs of damp or moisture. If the subfloor is damp or uneven then it will likely damage your new vinyl and ruin your new flooring.

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to dealing with sub-floors. It is arguable the most important point to consider when purchasing your flooring so please make sure you pay extra attention to the condition of your subfloor.

Our Sales team offer expert advice with all things sub-floor related and will ensure you find the very best solution! (Remember, poor subfloor = poor end product!)

A 1st class job,I didn't think there was carpet fitters like that around anymore,they even hoovered up after themselves,I know where I'll be going next time we need a new carpet.
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